BY: James Wm. Lewis
James Wm. Lewis
January 15, 2014

Wake up folks and smell the coffee. Observe all the gadgets around you.  The Singularity is fast approaching like a brick in your face.

Soon, humans won't be the brightest lifeforms on Earth.  We are creating our own successors.

This is not science fiction.  All this exists today. In California, Nevada and several other states, drivers now share the road with Google’s autonomous cars.

None of these existed in 1982. Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in March 1989.  Apple launched iPhones in 2007.  Autonomous cars and drone aircraft arrived soon after. More wonders are coming.

In Switzerland, The Human Brain Project is on an exponential track to simulate the entire human brain in fewer than 10 years. Computers already simulate several brain regions. In February 2011, IBM's Watson thrashed human’s two top Jeopardy contestants in this game of trivia, slang and nuances. Before Watson, we believed only humans could play Jeopardy.  Projects similar to The Human Brain Project are now furiously underway in China, the U.S., Japan, Russia and India, etc.  The country which wins the brain race, will command instant advantages over all other nations.

Deep Blue was a chess-playing computer developed by IBM. On May 11, 1997, the machine, with human intervention between games, won the second six-game match against world champion Garry Kasparov by two wins to one with three draws

The scientists sequenced the Human Genome Project in fewer than ten years.  Swiss scientists predict they will complete simulating the human brain by 2023. History suggests they will probably finish sooner.  A few years after that: laptops exceeding the power of any human brain will cost fewer than a thousand dollars.  With those first human minds purring inside laptops, the Singularity will begin, at first quietly, then with everything getting strange.

Post-Singularity, artificial intelligence will supersede human intelligence in every way, including intellect, recall, speed and emotions. Those hyper-intelligent machines will promptly design even smarter machines. Those new bots will immediately design even smarter boxes.  An intelligence explosion will erupt. Robots will wake up sentient. Each generation of robots will awaken first hundreds, then thousands, then millions of times brighter than the smartest biological humans.

Better start thinking about getting your brains bolstered.

Covering reams of paper with pictures, numbers and words is no way to operate government.  Often, no science decides which pictures, numbers or words decorate that paper. Paper is not wired to anything, so the information on it is dead.

Human institutions will vanish overnight. Slow, meat-brained humans will never master the massive data cores governments require. Allocation will replace greed-based commerce. Even today, no one in Congress or the White House reads legislation they promulgate. That practice will end. Human governments will dissolve and never reform.  Human armies will disband. Human police officers will retire.  Brain chips will replace prisons. Prosecutors, juries and judges cannot reliably conclude whether a person committed a crime. Psuedo-modern jurisprudent is a vengeance-based, primitive, dysfunctional and pre-scientific thought form derived from the Code of Hammurabi, 1772 BCE.  Millions of innocent people are incarcerated, often executed, in the U.S. for homicide, rape, robbery, fraud and lesser crimes.

Such institutionalized misconduct corrupts culture, breeds crime and incites violence and belligerence.

Algorithms, similar to those now running security exchanges, will exercise government powers, distributing everything imaginable to keep humans alive and comfortable. If robots and algorithms need authority, software running at root will promulgate laws. Robots and algorithms will allocate goods and services, and enforce human compliance. 

In less than a generation, robots and algorithms will do all the work: mining, manufacturing, farming, distribution, construction, food preparation, cleaning and communications.  Welfare will be obligatory worldwide, but there will be no taxation, no corporations and no money. How can governments provide universal welfare when no one works and no taxes are collected?  Simple.  A new economics is being born to replace the old stick and carrot system. This new economic system will work fairly, and every human will have abundance at no cost to anyone.

Fire breathing, fascist conservative blowhards are becoming as irrelevant as they are ignorant.

Autonomous vehicles will transport humans who wish to physically travel. Most won't. Most humans will prefer never to move their body mass.  Instead, they will plug-in eyes, ears, olfactory nodes, touch, taste and other sensors located all over the planet, and instantly become aware of "being there" without ever "moving there." Never moving body masses will save fuel and time, and eliminate the need for automobiles, aircraft, trains and other transportation, and save lives.

With these remote sensors, individuals will be able to simultaneously conduct a thermodynamics of aerodynamics class from a remote peak on a ski trip in the Andes, while masticating delicious ratatouille and bipedelating the Champs Elysees, while swimming in a Cabaña in Yokahama, while playing 18 holes in the Sea of Tranquility....yes, all at the same time, without ever physically leaving home.

With 3d printing and autonomous freight systems, consumers will have anything they want within an hour or so.  Everything will be made or grown within a dozen miles of consumers.

Consider the amount of change which happened in only the year 2000.  Multiply that by 1,000.  More than 1,000 years of technological change will occur during the 21st century at the year 2,000 rates.

Post Singularity, humans will never die, unless they choose. Treatments customized from the Human Genome will permanently end aging and death. Humans will backup themselves, like they now do accounting data or text files on their home computer. Today, at great expense and waste of time, schools educate and train slow, meat-brained humans from 12 to 20 years. Then the humans marry and join new communities, work for money to buy the stuff and vacations they want.  Somewhere along the way, they reproduce and die.

Their offspring follow the same macabre path. That endless scenario is stupid. Confining human intelligence, memories and existence to a fragile hunk of warm wrickled meat is stupid and idiotic. Living as humans do today will soon change.

That has to change.  Aging, self-destruction of brains after they are fully trained, are caveman ancestors’ gift to us. Self-destructing bodies and brains are being replaced by modern medical science.  Soon, all humans will look back with relief on the horrors of being trapped inside a piece of slowly dying meat for several thousand generations.

A few post-Singularity humans, still in flesh form, will master any topic, as computers do today, in seconds, via small brain implants or via direct brain connections to the Internet.  The more sensible humans will abandon the disease-prone, pitifully sluggish 200 cps flesh neuron brains and migrate into 100 TBps digital life forms, and never regret their move.  Engineers are now contemplating this massive transcendental migration of the human species.


Commonplace discussions like these agitate the uneducated and ignorant. I didn't invent these ideas. Frankly, I didn't have to. These discussions are happening all over the place.  If you don't know about them, then you are illiterate and ignorant. Your ignorance is your own fault. Info and education are free. Refusal to learn renders you unfit to survive excelerating changes. There is no excuse for being illiterate, except that you don't want to learn. Information about all these technologies is free to anyone who knows how to read and cares about the world they and their families call home.

The human inhabit is rapidly changing as we speak. There will be no turning back.


So...how will the Singularity impact the 1982 Tylenol murder investigation?  The impact is huge, pervasive, disruptive and decisive, as I shall now demonstrate.

The 1982 cyanide-laced, Chicago-area Tylenol murders, in terms of technology, happened 25 to 30 generations ago, but only one dim--witted human generation ago.

Here is a formidable thought.

The Tylenol murder investigators are all biological humans. Robots, drones and algorithms will soon take their jobs and replace them, to protect everyone. These bio-human life forms will lose their jobs to technology long before they ever screw up enough courage to admit that they were hoodwinked in mass into believing "a lone madman went store to store, placing cyanide in the Tylenol capsules, before returning them to the shelves." How many Tylenol investigators even now realize their bosses lied to them?

The current meat-brained Tylenol murder investigation squad bosses will demand biological humans, instead of robots and algorithms, retain control of the Tylenol murder investigation around Chicago. Why? Those human bosses know that their human subordinates, unlike computer software, can be bullied and extorted into exploring evidence and theories exclusively along official lines of inquiry.   This is the ultimate technophobe recipe for defeat and disaster…which we have seen play out for the last 30+ years.

That phoney crap no longer cuts it in the contemporary info-saturated, digitalized world.

Enter IBM's Watson.

If  Watson were in charge of the Tylenol murder investigation, evaluating identical documents, and  identical facts, do you think Watson would be so gullible?

An advanced A.I., such as Watson, won't care whom the evidence implicates.  Watson will weigh all the known evidence, request more evidence, then without histrionics, dispassionately render its conclusions and assemble its logical justifications. Watson is loyal to no one.  Watson will grant no one immunity.

It is notable that NONE of the Illinois investigators has asked Watson to digest the thousands of pages in the 1982 Tylenol murder archives.  What are those dysfunctional Chicago meat-brains afraid of? As Jeopardy demonstrated on live television, Watson can plow through the massive Tylenol murder paper pile in a couple of seconds.  Meat-brained humans now take days, even weeks, merely to read the thousands of pages of the official Tylenol murder investigation, and then they can barely recall 10%...or they can recall only the selected portions which fit their preconceived notions.  Run of the mill decision software simply won't do. Only Watson is equipped with robust decision and evaluation tools. Watson can read and understand millions of pages in 10 to 15 seconds, with 100% recall, and Watson will never forget.

That's right; Watson will read all of it in seconds.

Immune to emotion or fatigue, Watson can solve the Tylenol murders in less than one minute, without a hint of bias, without even asking for a cookie, a cold brew or a jelly donut.

IBM, Still Slogging Away to Market Watson’s AI Smarts, Invests $1 Billion.

No lone madman, going store to store, committed the 1982 Tylenol homicides. That hideous fable is a hysteria-born, meat-brain urban myth. Imbecilic human prejudices have blinded and crippled the sluggish meat-brained Tylenol murder investigators. Look into their dim eyes. Tylenol investigators and prosecutors are as immune to scientific, fact-based reasoning as their knuckle dragger ape ancestors on the shores of Tanganyika.

Under the current circumstances, if meat-brain human investigators ever attempt to indict and prosecute any individual for the 1982 Tylenol murders, the facts will show that those prosecutors acted impulsively, out of almost complete ignorance and vengeance, were arbitrary, were dishonest, were addled, deluded and stupefied by their own self-inflicted trauma-driven group psychosis. PLUS they were grotesquely feeble-minded, operating with enormously underpowered, sugar-fueled brains. They were mentally incapable of understanding the vast archives of the Tylenol murders in their entirety, assembled sporadically, in spurts, fits and drabs, dribbles, spits and restarts over three decades, scattered over more than 25,000 pages. The precise number of pages is actually unknown.

Any agent, detective or prosecutor ordered to master the Tylenol murder document stack, would himself/herself compelled to read more millions of words than he or she devoured while earning a bachelor's degree in criminology at Northwestern University.  That is s tall order for any human meat-brain.

The Tylenol murder investigation is an excellent example of a database collection project gone awry, which has grown so massive and convoluted that it has overwhelmed sluggish human meat-brains. 

THE PROOF: committees of humans working in congress have not pooled adequate meat-brain power to solve the Tylenol murders in over 30 years.  So long as the primary cognative device remains slow, 200 cps meat-based dendrites, there is little likelihood of a credible, honest and fact-based resolution to the 1982 cyanide-laced, Chicago-area Tylenol murders.

It is silly to expect the 1982 Chicago area Tylenol murders to be solved by obsolete, underpowered neural networks residing in the disconnected neocortex of multiple persons.

Not to worry. A rational solution is readily available.

The Tylenol murder prosecutors need to call in IBM's Watson, to do in seconds, what sluggish, meat-brained humans have failed to do in over 30 years. It can be their last official act before A.I. permanently retires them as demonstrably worthless.

There is a cause and effect, fact-based solution to the 1982 Tylenol homicides. Watson will find it, any time humans investigators sincerely want a solution.

I, for one, can NEVER fear the awesome cognitive powers of Watson, but I do fear wacky, meat-brained humans who permit primate emotions to do their thinking, or the lack of it.