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M o d e r n  A r t
Modern art must be made using computers. . . . . Painting in oils and watercolors is not modern art. . . . .(Read More)
by: James Wm. Lewis

So that's what we'll call our near future world. Robotopia.

Robotopia is a world red-blooded capitalists would napalm.

Robotopia now is only an idea. Robotopia is a place where no one works, yet everyone on the planet eats what he or she wants, lives in spacious, modern homes wired with the latest high-tech gadgets. . .all free! (Robotopia continued)

Extropy & Transhumanist Art
by: James Wm. Lewis
The Transhumanist Artist embraces technology. . . . . Extropy will enhance human abilities to sense, perceive and manipulate the cosmos. . . . . . being trapped in a meat brain is a cruel joke on any human consciousness. . . . .
(Transhumanist Art continued)
Jim's Extropian Art Gallery
How will we view the world in 2016, when we can think a thousand times faster and can directly visualize radio waves, X-rays, ultraviolet and infrared? When we can read hundreds of books simultaneously and remember everything? When we know that we will never die?
(enter gallery)