Johnson and Johnson asks Supreme Court to void $2B talc verdict


U.S. Supreme Court REFUSES to OVERTURN 2-Billion Dollar Talc Verdict against Johnson and Johnson.


Johnson and Johnson Fentenyl Oklahoma Opiod Crisis

How many Americans have died from Fentanyl?

Who invented Fentanyl?

Fentanyl was first made by Paul Janssen in 1960.

Who owns Janssen Laboratories?

NORMAN – Attorney General Mike Hunter and attorneys representing the state in its case against the nation’s leading drug manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson, rested its case this week after five weeks of testimony that showed how the company conducted a multi-decade fraudulent marketing campaign that led to the deadliest manmade epidemic the nation has ever seen.

“After over a month of testimony, we have shown why we believe that Johnson & Johnson is the Kingpin behind the opioid crisis that has caused the deaths of thousands of Oklahomans and created a generation of people addicted to opioids in our state,” Attorney General Hunter said. “The evidence is clear that they must be held accountable for the public nuisance they caused and ordered to abate it. They have created this problem and now they want to not only blame the state, but run from the problem. Perhaps most offensive, and what state Mental Health Commissioner Terri White put into perspective so well, is that Johnson & Johnson’s corporate representative, while on the stand, said the company bears zero responsibility for the death and destruction it has caused.”

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $572 Million in Landmark ...

Aug 26, 2019 — A judge in Oklahoma on Monday ruled that Johnson & Johnson had intentionally played down the dangers and oversold the benefits of opioid

Johnson and Johnson and drug distributors offer $26bn to end …

by O Dyer · 2021 · Cited by 3 — They have collectively agreed to pay $21bn over 18 years. Johnson & Johnson, which sold fentanyl patches and imported most of the raw opium used ...

NOTE: On appeal, that massive award was reduced by the OK Court of Appeals


In 1982, cyanide in Tylenol Capsules in bottles sitting on Chicago area store shelves killed 7 customers.

Almost immediately, J & J, the FBI and Chicago investigators invented a Madman Story which they all knew was bogus. They said a lone Madman placed huge amounts of cyanide in Tylenol capsules inside bottles and returned them to store shelves.

Where is the evidence? The Madman theory was only speculation, unless the investigators and J & J employees claimed they walked side beside with their own Madman and helped him or her plant the cyanide laced Tylenol.

One day, one of the 1982 victims, Mary Reiner, had a daughter, Michelle Rosen.

Michelle grew up and discovered that one of the pharmacies was in a locked room inside a maternity hospital. Thus it would have been impossible for a insane crackpot to have just strolled into that pharmacy without the knowledge of the licensed pharmacists. Mary Reiner received her fatal Tylenol from her nurse or her doctor after she delivered a baby in that hospital.

Her prepackaged unit dosage Tylenol had been pulled from such a secure pharmacy.

Jewelers use cyanide to clean gold and silver rings, necklaces and broaches. That same cyanide could, in an emergency, be used to clean pharmaceutical machines. Now a deprecated practice

One of the likely sources of the cyanide was a cleaning agent used in the contaminated Tylenol Factory in Fort Washington, Maryland which made the Tylenol capsules.

The Fort Washington Tylenol factory was closed for several years in the 1980's to clean up extensive contamination.

A reasonable person, might see the J & J mess and irreluctibly conclude that J & J might have done the deed to themselves. In fact, J & J behaved like a guilty person. At break neck speeds and sparing no expense, J & J laundered the Chicago area murder scenes. Then J & J collected millions of Tylenol capsules, then flushed and burned that suspected Tylenol evidence...to escape being implicated in mass murder.

If J & J executives truly believed J & J was innocent, they would have had no reason to destroy (flush and burn) millions of Tylenol bottles of capsules, unless the executives believed many those capsules contained cyanide which would have implicated J & J itself in mass murder.

J & J's "clean up burn the evidence" behavior sounds exactly like an elite Mafia assassin at work.

In addition, J & J destroyed exculpator evidence for the defense, which J & J should have preserved for analysis by whomever was eventually indicted for the Tylenol murders.


J & J's poor quality control is a habitual behavior, continuing to this day.

J & J prepared millions of Covid 19 vacine doses for the recent Covid pandemic..

Johnson & Johnson Can’t Use 60 Million Covid Doses Because of Possible Contamination, FDA Rules