The  FBI's Tylenol Murder Sting Operation

The true story behind the writing of my novel,
POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma

by: James Wm. Lewis


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Sometimes writing a novel can be dangerous! 

Writing my novel, POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma, could have gotten me, James Wm. Lewis, the author, killed, if Roy J.Lane, Special FBI Agent retired, and Sherry Nichols had gotten their way.

Lane had 25 years of experience as an FBI agent. He was a star investigator in Operation Greylord. He was once tough, ethical and determined. Then the fix was in.

Roy and Sherry were working umdercover, running a sting operation against me for 18 months while I was writing my novel, POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma. Scott Bartz has written a book about me writing this novel....and about the true cause of the Tylenol murders, and the nearly 40-year coverup.

Roy J. Lane, Special FBI Agent, Retired Sherry Nichlols, who worked with Lane, reviewing the manuscript of her make-believe book about the Tylenol murders, playing her part of the sting operation against James Wm. Lewis.

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Roy J. Lane lecturing James Wm. Lewis about how to write the novel,POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma
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Read about this FBI STING OPERATION directed against me, the author, James Wm. Lewis, in THE TYLENOL MAFIA: Marketing, Murder, and Johnson & Johnson on page 399, Chapter 34, "A Novel Approach", by Scott Bartz, former Johnson and Johnson employee. The Tylenol Mafia was published by Amazon on September 26, 2011. 

Search the Internet for these three words James Lewis Tylenol. You will receive thousands of hits. Please read some of the other ugly comments, so you can see first hand how I was vilified, and called a mass murder, and worse, for over 40 years, without a shred of evidence, even while I was writing this book.  

Also, please read The Tylenol Mafia, and discover how the cyanide actually entered the Extra Strength Tylenol inside J&J's own secure capsule filling factory.

In both these cases, truth really is stranger than fiction.

NOTE: I was living in Manhattan, NY, destitute, with my wife when the Chicago areaTylenol Murders were committed, in Chicago, by someone. Because I was living in New York, and NOT in Chicago, it was absolutely impossible for me to have committed those homicides. That means the FBI and Illinois authorities should, as a matter of law, drop all interest in me and leave me alone.

Read the NY Times Article on this website from October 28, 1982. The Times article contains indisputable proof that I was living in New York and not Chicago.


Now, back to the FBI sting operation.

This sting operation was neither brief, nor cheap, nor well thought out.

The FBI was desperate and unprincipled. After nearly 40 years of highly publicized FBI blunders and failures, Agents Roy and Sherry were moving in for the kill, as they tried to frame and execute their chosen patsy (me), to cover-up the FBI's own corrupt and scandelous conduct and their own previous serial cover ups of their own cover up.

As of this writing, the 1982 Chicago-area, Tylenol cyanide mass murderer's boss is alive, still at large, and brazenly protected by the FBI, as Bartz demonstrates in The Tylenol Mafia.

For 18 months, Roy Lane and Sherry Nichols, acting in cahoots, stroked my battered ego, wined and dined my wife and me at expensive restaurants, and tried to get both of us tee-toddlers drunk. They gave me money to buy a laptop computer, flew me at govenment expense to Chicago, New York and Joplin, Missouri, then back to Boston, put me up in expensive hotels and paid me thousands of dollars, all while trying to manipulate me into implicating myself in mass murder in my own novel. 

As part of their sting cover, Roy and Sherry told me that Nichols was writing a book herself about the Tylenol murders which would finally clear my name. Sounded like a great idea. I had endured nearly 40 years of being publically vilified in the press worldwide as the prime Tylenol mass murder suspect, i.e., The Tylenol Man. It was all a clever ruse to trick me into writimg this novel their way. 

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For 18 months, Lane and Nichols discussed the unsolved Tylenol murder cases with me while simultaneously coaching me on writing this novel, POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma

In their huge stack of graphic emails, agents Roy and Sherry tried to lead and prod me into making the fictional protagonist in my novel, Dr. Charles "Chuck" Rivers, confess to killing 12 people in Chicago. 

Then, Roy, Sherry and Illinois prosecutors were going to claim to a jury that Dr. Chuck's fortuitous, fictitional murder confession in my novel was actually the author, me, James Wm Lewis, confessing to the seven unsolved 1982 Tylenol Murders.

Case closed! Pop the bubbly!

Got the picture? Writing a murder mystery novel can be extremely dangerous.

But it didn't work out the way Roy and Sherry promised their bosses, who were bankrolling this sting operation. 

I am an adopted only child. Sometimes, I was not a team player. I exercised my freedom of speech. I quietly and politely refused to compromise or be bullied.

I remained true to my novel. I wrote POISON! The Doctor's Dilemma my way, not the FBI way. 

My version of the book is what readers can buy and enjoy. 

Shortly afterward, the FBI raided my home, seizing computers, looking for those alternate versions of the manuscript which Agents Roy Lane and Sherry Nichols had asked me to write. (They didn't find any, because I didn't write any.)

Alerted by the FBI, news chopper crews flew cover over my Massachusetts home, ready to beam live to the world the arrest of James Wm. Lewis, that's me. 

I had committed no crime, so I was not arrested. 

When I discovered Scott Bartz was already well along in writing The Tylenol Mafia, I turned over to Bartz all the emails which I, former FBI Special Agent Roy Lane and Sherry Nichols had been exchanging. He quoted them in his book. 

Those chilling sting emails speak for themselves, and require no explainations from me.

Buy both these amazing books, and read them side by side:

1. THE TYLENOL MAFIA: Marketing, Murder, and Johnson & Johnson by Scott Bartz, 
2. POISON!: The Doctor's Dilemma, by James Wm. Lewis

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James Wm. Lewis