The Justice Nightmare of Dupage County, Illinois


Conduct a simple Google Search for "DuPage County Prosecutorial Misconduct".


In 1/2 a second, Google will return about 11,500 links, just about DuPage County.


If you are innocent, stay far away from Dupage County.

Read this story from the Chicago Tribune.

Rolando Cruz

Even if you remain silent, DuPage detectives might imagine that you told them that you dreamed about killing someone. Without a recording or a transcript of you talking about your dream, one of those detectives will tell a jury about your dream, and get you convicted of murder. (Of course, you never had any such dream.)

That is exactly what happened to Rolando Cruz.

Cruz was arrested and charged with killing a 7 year old girl. He was convicted.

Later, an investigation culminated in a 47-count indictment of three former prosecutors, Patrick King, Robert Kilander and Thomas Knight, and and four DuPage Sheriff's officers -- Lt. James Montesano, Lt. Robert Winkler and detectives Dennis Kurzawa and Thomas Vosburgh.

Two detectives concocted a lie. They testified that Cruz told them he had had a vision about killing the little girl. The prosecution bostered the made up vision with the help of jail house informants.

There were no recordings of Cruz talking about any vision, and the detectives made no notes about hearing Cruz telling them about any vision.

They concealed from Cruz the fact that a man named Brian Dugan, had already pleaded guilty to two other murders, including the killing of a 7-year old girl...the girl Cruz was accused of murdering.

With all of these evidence, none of these prosecutors or detectives were ever convicted..., but Cruz was eventially freed, after spending several years in prison, and having his life and reputation ruined forever, because the men who swore to uphold the law, broke it.

There are many other instances where innocent people have been convicted of murder in DuPage County and sentenced to death.

Those cases are well-known and well-documented. At this time, there is no need for me to pile up all the wrong doings committed in the name of justice in DePage County.


A Chicago Tribune examination of homicide cases over the past 36 years shows 381 homicide convictions have been reversed because prosecutors knowingly used false evidence or withheld evidence suggesting the defendant's innocence.

381 false homicide convictions...people falsely convicted...and many placed on death row.

Many more false homicide convictions were perpetrated, but the poor, often illiterate inmates lacked the resources to prove their innocence. How many of those innocent inmates were executed, due to their poverty and ignorance?

Said prosecutors are collectively worse than all the people who have ever sat on deathrow, because those prosecutors, in their official capacities, have bludgeoned citizens' fragile faith in the institution of justice.


In these 381 cases, prosecutors gave false evidence to grand juries, to judges, plus falsified government records, extracted false and tainted testimony via extortionate threats and they personally lied repeatedly to obtain indictments and convictions of innocent, defenseless people.

Honorable attorneys, writers and students of democracy who study institutional corruption and perversion of criminal justice, will find in DuPage County, Illinois a potpourri of these evil practices, enough to fill several encyclopedias. DuPage County is a concentrated microcosm of the larger cultures of Illinois and the United States.

Many attorneys employed by Johnson and Johnson cut their teeth on law in DuPage County.

Cyanide entered the Extra Strength Tylenol capsules inside Johnson and Johnson's own repackaging facilities. The capsules were then sealed, bottled, boxed and then delivered to the various pharmacies, and placed on the store shelves, where members of the public purchased the Tylenol, swallowed the Tylenol and died. The Tylenol Mafia.

Many of the repackaging and distribution facilities contracted by J & J in 1982 were located in DuPage County. Johnson and Johnson burned millions of Tylenol capsules, thereby destroying fingerprints, DNA, cyanide and other key physical evidence which DuPage County prosecutors should have seized immediately as criminal evidence.

Therefore, we are irreluctably drawn by the burning of that evidence by J&J, to conclude that DePage County and Johnson and Johnson acted in congress and are both culpable in the 1982 Tylenol murders, and the obscene & revulsive coverup which has followed for over 40 years.

Both DuPage County and Johnson and Johnson have a long history of deception, and both are serial killers, who have each caused the deaths of numerous innocent people, as discussed elsewhere in this document.

--James Wm. Lewis